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CXO lunch event on 16 November @ 12:30

CXO lunch event on 16 November @ 12:30

Are you a Drupal service provider or using Drupal as a main tool for your business and you are in a managing position? Then the CXO lunch event is for you...

Come and meet others in the same position and have an informal lunch.

Location & Program

Location: Ristorante da Giorgio @ Bulevardul Revoluţiei 71.

CXO Event

The CXO event is primarily aimed at business leaders who provide Drupal services (i.e web development agencies, training companies etc). Join us for a lunch and open space peer discussion and networking with other Drupal executives. People can get to know each other, share best practices, tips for staying relevant in a fast moving market, how to collaborate and compete. Also we would like to do an inventory questionnaire about the Drupal providers, so we can get a view of the service landscape in Romania.

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