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Migration to Drupal

Knowledge level: 
Coding and Development

In this session I will do my best to cover all of the aspects of the migration process to Drupal.
Basically, I will talk about 3 major ways of data migration known in the Drupal World.

* Feeds Module (and related) - we will talk about Feeds components, other contributed related modules and we'll have a small demo on this one.
* Migrate Module - this modules views migration from another point of view. We will cover this module overall and also we'll get into some coding details here.
* Batch (aka the old fashion type of migration) - oh the old way of migration. We will cover this approach as well.
* Manual Migration - when do we need it and why there are cases where we can't actually avoid it.

I will probably talk in English but I can answer in Romanian or Russian as well.
I will fill in the resources after the session.