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Drupal Services & Backbone.js

Knowledge level: 
Coding and Development

I'll try and keep this one interesting.

In this session we will talk about:
* Web Services - what are the types of web services (in geenral), why do we need them, how did people implement them and why RESTful services are winning.
* Web Services in Drupal - the Services module - what does it represent, how it works, what is it made of and how can we extend it. We'll cover the REST type of Server and of course we'll have demos, demos and more demos.
* Backbone.js - a module that integrates Backbone.js into Drupal - we'll have a small demo and some explanations regarding how exactly do things work.

I'd say this session will cover a broad variety of developers, as a big part of it explains from the beginning What are web services, types, etc. and how do we use them in Drupal.

I will give this session in English, but I can receive questions and answer them in either English, Romanian or Russian.
I'll fill in the resources after the session.

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