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Thank you! (Drupalcamp Arad 2012 Report)

The 2012 Romanian Drupalcamp took place in the city of Arad, during 17th and 18th of November. It was the third major event of the Drupal Romania Association after its founding, back in 2010. Previous Drupalcamps were held in Timișoara (2010) and Bucharest (2011).

Here are some statistics:

  • 94 participants from 100 announced (94%), coming from: Belgium, Finland, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia and Turkey,
  • 13 volunteers
  • 7 sponsors
  • 3 partners
  • 4 media partners
  • 16 presentations
  • 13 speakers
  • 2 days
  • 6 session track

We want to thank everybody who supported or attended Drupalcamp Arad 2012.

Drupalcamp Arad awarded with Drupal Community Cultivation Grants

The Drupal Association is providing Drupal Community Cultivation Grants - a pilot grant program that seeks to transform, support, and educate Drupal communities around the world, particularly in emerging areas.

Drupalcamp Arad 2012 has been awarded by Drupal Association with a Drupal Community Cultivation Grant of $1,500. The grant was provided in order to secure the conference venue.

Thank you, Drupal Association for supporting Drupalcamp Arad 2012!


Live Karaoke, Beer & Fun :)

Live Karaoke, Beer & Fun :)

Saturday night, starting with 9pm, there's gonna be party, Drupal party! We gonna have a lot of fun at Club Nerv, right in downtown. "Come for the software, stay for community" is the Drupal slogan, but "community" means also having fun, informal discussions and, course, lot of beers :)

We'll have live music at Club Nerv with The Weir band. They will be also your accompaniment band at the Live Karaoke show. Be prepared to perform on the stage at Drupalcamp.



  • When: Saturday - November 17, 2012, 21:00
  • Where: Nerv Club location:
  • Live Karaoke play list:
    1. Bon Jovi – It’s My life
    2. Faith No more – Easy
    3. White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
    4. Robbie Williams – Feel
    5. 4 none Blondes – What’s Up
    6. Oasis - Wanderwall
    7. Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
    8. Guns n' Roses – Knockin' on heaven’s Door
    9. Adele – Someone like you

How the schedule will look like?

How the schedule will look like?

Many of you have asked how exactly the program of camp will look like. A final schedule cannot be presented right now as sessions were not decided yet.

However the conference structure is completed. Check

Hurry up if you want to give a session -- soon we have to close and send the schedule to print. Go and add your session proposal at

Accepting session proposals

Drupalcamp Arad 2012 has opened for session proposals. If you are a participant and you are prepared to make a good presentation at Drupalcamp, don't hesitate and add your session here.

Don't forget that your session need to be a relevant Drupal topic. Your presentation must fit one of the session tracks defined. See Session Tracks for details.

We are open to Session proposals till November 10, 2012 at 22:00 (Romanian time, GMT+2)

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