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Drupalcamp Arad 2012 will be held at Continental Forum Hotel, in the nice panorama hall situated on the top floor. The hotel is located right in the heart of the city being easy to access from all directions.

Despre Drupalcamp Arad 2012

Despre Drupalcamp Arad 2012

Ediția 2012 a Drupalcamp va fi organizată în Arad, în zilele de 17-18 noiembrie. Aceste este cel de-al treilea eveniment major al Asociației Drupal România de la înființarea sa, în 2010. Edițiile precedente au avut loc la Timișoara (2010) și București (2011).

Web-ul evoluează, Drupal evoluează și el. După lansarea versiunii 7, comunitatea lucrează la următorul pas important: transformarea Drupal într-un produs mai bine adaptat noi lumi a serviciilor web, platformelor mobile și standardelor HTML5. Aceste sunt doar câteva din subiectele pe care plănuim să le discutăm cu focus asupra utilizării Drupal în administrație, educație (eLearning), afaceri și în sectorul organizațiilor neguvernamentale.



The 2012 Romanian Drupalcamp will take place in the city of Arad, during 17th and 18th of November. This is the third major event of the Drupal Romania Association after its founding, back in 2010. Previous Drupalcamps were held in Timișoara (2010) and Bucharest (2011).

Web is evolving and Drupal evolves too. After launching the release 7, the community is working for the next big step: making Drupal a better product in the new world of webservices, mobile and HTML5 standards. This are few of the topics we plan to cover at the conference with focus on Drupal & Government (OpenSource for OpenGovernment), Drupal for Education (eLearning), Business/Enterprise and Drupal for NGOs.

By train

Arad railway station is an important connection point for many European rail destinations. International sleeper trains arrive in Arad from Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Belgrade and Sofia.

Train travel is generally slower than bus travel. See CFR for domestic trains and DB Bahn website for international train timetables and fares.

By car

You can easily reach Arad by car coming from any part of Europe.

Main roads reaching Arad from the closest major cities in the region are:

  • From Viena, 512 km – take A4 until Budapest and then continue as below.
  • From Bratislava 469 km – take E65 until Rajka, then continue on M1 until Budapest. From Budapest follow the * instructions below.
  • From Budapest, 272 km – take M5 highway until Mako, and continue on E68 another 72 km
  • From Zagreb, 610 km – take A3 until Belgrade, and then continue as below.
  • From Skopje, 606 km – take Autoroute 2 and E 75 until Belgrade and then continue as below
  • From Sarajevo, 510 km – take E762 and E70 until Belgrade, and then continue as below
  • From Belgrade, only 223 km – take E70 from Belgrade to Timisoara and then A1 from Timisoara to Arad
  • From Bucharest 553 km – take A1 until Pitesti and continue on E81 towards Sibiu

By plane

Direct flights to Arad airport from Milano/Bergamo with Wizzair

Flights to Timisoara airport from:





  • Dortmund with [Wizzair](ht

Getting there

Arad is a charming city situated in central-eastern Europe, with quite easy access from everywhere in the world, due to the 2 international airports nearby (Arad airport, 5 km from city center and Timisoara airport, 58 km from city center), with many flight connections (both low cost and line airlines), and a key position in a cross point of important European roads and rail connections.

Getting there: by plane, by car, by train.

Are you a non-EU citizen? Learn how you can enter Romania.



Welcome to Arad, dear visitor! Anyone could say ”Welcome!”, but when one is in Arad one is truly, deeply, madly welcome, so... WELCOME to ARAD!

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