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What if you could reliably do autotagging? Drupal and Apache Stanbol semantic stack

Knowledge level: 
Coding and Development


This session will focus on the implementation of semantic services (automatic content enhancement, autotagging) using the integration of Drupal with Apache Stanbol.  


Apache Stanbol is an Open Source software stack designed to provide a powerful semantic engine via RESTful services returning results as RDF (Resource Description Language) and JSON. Unlike existing proprietary, commmerically oriented solutions such as OpenCalais, Apache Stanbol is highly customizable and may be trained to provide semantic services for virtually any language.
Apache Stanbol's main features are:
  • Content Enhancement: services that add semantic information to “non-semantic” pieces of content.
  • Reasoning: services that are able to retrieve additional semantic information about the content based on the semantic information retrieved via content enhancement.
  • Knowledge Models: services that are used to define and manipulate the data models (e.g. ontologies) that are used to store the semantic information.
  • Persistence: services that store (or cache) semantic information, i.e. enhanced content, entities, facts, and make it searchable.

Apache Stanbol was initiated by the European R&D project IKS - Interactive Knowledge Stack and is currently undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), sponsored by the Apache Incubator PMC.

The Stanbol integration is leveraging Drupal's native support for RDF annotation and provides the infrastructure for:

  • named entity recognition and automated tagging based on open data or custom thesauri
  • HTML5 Inline Editing using Aloha Editor
  • content enrichment from internal or Linked Open Data sources (linked media)
  • multilingual content enhancement (even Romanian in the future).

About the author:
Gabriel Dragomir has started developing sites with Drupal 5 years go and currently is one of the managing partners at Webikon, a Romanian Drupal development agency together with Claudiu Cristea. He is one of the founding members of Drupal Romania Association and among the coorganizers of DrupalCamp Romania conference series. He actively advocates the adoption of Drupal in the government/NGO/edu environments and organizes periodical Drupal training and presentation sessions.