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Case Study: The Spiral. European transmedia project powered by Drupal, Node.js and MongoDB

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In September 2012 the participative TV series The Spiral was broadcasted simultaneously in 8 European countries. The viewers of the TV series were requested to join the main characters in their search for 6 stolen paintings.
On the website we introduced an online game and community focused on the creation of a collaborative work of art. By adding user generated content into the TV series, the online story became part of the fiction; making The Spiral a pioneer transmedia project.

This challenging project required a very specific approach and architecture that would offer high availability and could handle spike traffic. Next to that we required a technology that could handle the requirements of online gaming and community building. We found the combination of Drupal, Node.js and MongoDB to be a perfect match for this.
The website was delivered by PKA Wanabe (Emakina Group).

During this presentation I will introduce the project, architecture, implementation and results.