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Drupal 7 as a framework - An overview of available APIs

Knowledge level: 
Coding and Development

Drupal is well known as a CMS, but we'll see how it is often called a CMF (Content Management Framework), or better yet just a framework.

This presentation will provide an overview of the various APIs available in Drupal 7.

We will talk about the following aspects:

1. How to write your first module
- What defines a module
- What's the file structure
- Modules and submodules

2. What are hooks and what's the idea?
- Hook invocation and system entry points
- Event/observer
- Hook callback naming convention

3. The menu router
- hook_menu()
- How to add new pages with your module
- Mandatory parameters

4. Access control
- Drupal Roles, Permissions, People
- user_access()
- hook_menu() and access control

5. The Form API
- Defining a simple form
- Saving site-wide data in the variable table
- Altering the user profile form

6. The theming layer
- hook_theme()
- Templates
- The devel_themer module
- Overrides

7. Blocks
- What's a block and where it fits
- hook_block_*()

8. Alterations (hook_{universe}_alter)

9. Database access
- The Database access layer
- db_select()
- db_update()
- db_insert()
- db_merge()
- db_delete()
- db_query()

10. Schema definitions
- What's schema and the module .install file?
- hook_schema()

11. Module upgrade paths
- What's an upgrade path?
- hook_update_N()